Property Management Services

Our core service revolves around the holistic management of your complex or building, which consist of four pillars. From handling day-to-day operations to overseeing long-term strategic planning, we ensure that your property is not only well-maintained but also positioned for sustained growth. Our four pillars of property management services include:

  • Billing of all levy charges to owners and the collection thereof. These charges consist of levies, maintenance reserve fund, utilities charges like water and electricity.  Each item is list with a proper description.
  • Preparation of the annual proposed budget for the levy income and expenditure for submission to the Trustees and the owners for approval.
  • Calculation and determination of the levies and contributions.
  • Preparation and submission of monthly financial packs to the Trustees. These consist of the Income & Expenditures statements, Balance sheet, Outstanding owners report and Trail balance.
  • Preparation and arranging the annual audit with the Auditor and on completion, submission of the audited financial statements to the Body Corporate or Home Owners Association.
  • Keeping of required financial records.
  • Keeping proper books of account in terms of normal accounting practices.
  • Payment of monthly accounts of the contractors and service providers.
  • Arranging for insurance of the building and improvements and any other insurance the Body Corporate or Home Owners Association may require.
  • Preparation and submission of insurance claims and monitoring thereof.
  • Maintaining the records of owners and tenants.
  • Assisting with the preparation and distribution of circulars, newsletters, house rules, minutes of meetings, etc.
  • All payroll functions for the complex or building staff.
  • Collection of monthly levies.
  • Reporting of levy arrears to the Trustees.
  • Preparing and sending out reminder letters to owners in arrears.
  • Handling the handover of arrears accounts to Attorneys for collection and preparation and of monthly legal status schedules for presentation to the Trustees.
  • Attend and take minutes of Trustee meetings as directed by the Trustees.
  • Preparation and distribution of the Annual General Meeting packs. Notices of such meetings, including agendas, nomination forms, schedules of insurance values, estimates of income and expenditure and levy calculations.
  • Attending and taking minutes of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Storing of all minutes and other legal documents of the entity.
  • Advising the Trustees on procedural matters pertaining to the Sectional Titles Act and Companies Act.
  • Preparation and submission of levy clearance figures and certificates to Conveyance Attorneys.
  • Advising the Trustees and the Body Corporate on any points raised that is covered by the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act 8 of 2011, and the actions to be taken in response to these points.
  • Assistance to Trustees with sourcing and negotiating with contractors and arranging quotations for maintenance work to be done.
  • Monitoring of maintenance work and liaison with the appointed contractors.

Liaison with Security Companies.

Sectional Title Management

Sectional Title Management services from Hummingbird Property Management are specifically designed to handle the unique issues that come with owning a property inside a sectional title scheme. We handle everything, making sure the common property—from the landscaping and gardens to the entrance gate — are kept in top condition to improve the property’s appeal.

Budgeting, financial reporting, and the effective collection and distribution of levies are all areas of expertise in financial management. In addition, our knowledgeable staff is excellent at resolving conflicts; they use discretion and knowledge to create a peaceful community within the sectional title plan.  Let Hummingbird handle the complexities of managing sectional titles on your behalf.

Home Owner Association (HOA) Management

We are committed to fostering a lively and harmonious living environment for homeowners through our Home Owner Association (HOA) Management services, which are tailored especially for residential communities.  To ensure the smooth operation of the HOA, our all-inclusive strategy includes supplying essential administrative support, managing meeting schedules, and effectively keeping records.

Furthermore, we actively promote community involvement by starting and endorsing a range of community-building projects and activities, which helps residents feel deeply a part of the community.  A healthy residential community depends on the upholding of community rules, and our team is good at enforcing these laws in a uniform and equitable manner.  With Hummingbird, you may have a professionally run homeowners association that fosters harmony and a feeling of community within your residential community.

Estate Management

Assist in managing compliance to conduct rules and in particular:

  • Noise control, traffic control and adherence to regulations

  • pets

  • care and consideration to be enforced while guests and residents enjoy the facilities

This is done by ensuring the Estate conduct rules are comprehensive and enforceable with penalty systems/fines. Hummingbird will issue applicable warning letters and penalties/fines in this regard.

Manage the control and regulation of the Estate maintenance requirements and applicable budget planning.

Smooth management of refuse removal, accreditation of estate agents, building and or alternation management, i.e. adherence to architectural guidelines and payment of necessary deposits.

Any complaints or suggestions received from residents for consideration and action where applicable.

  • To attend Trustees meetings and provide reports and feedback on duties, project and estate matters.
  • To run a weekly site meeting with security, garden services and any other contractor working and report back to the Trustees any outcomes, concerns or issues.
  • Review all security patrol reports daily.
  • To forward to owners, notices and circulars on behalf of the Body Corporate.
  • Manage new tenants/owners within the estate. Issuing of welcoming pack, complete all required admin (pet application, domestic card forms) along with management of the intercom system. The intercom system must be managed and updated on a regular basis.
  • Provision for special newsletters must be made should the Trustees need to address the residents of the estate on a certain incident or matter. This will be done under the supervision of the Trustee responsible for communication.
  • To provide weekly site meeting feedback reports to Board of Trustees on their respective portfolios and weekly security feedback reports to be uploaded to the Website.
  • Hummingbird will make use of the estate allocated email address for all estate communication.
  • To advise the applicable Trustees of the Body Corporate on major maintenance and repair needs to the common property.
  • Compile a report for the Board of Trustee regarding maintenance within the estate – both for the common areas and individual units needing maintenance.
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